Born in 1950, Van Bushnell's interest in martial arts was sparked while serving his country in Viet Nam during the 60s. In the 70s he received his TaeKwonDo black belt and teaching certificate in New Orleans from Master Yang Moon, World TaeKwonDo Federation and the Cha Yon Ryu. After relocating to Alabama, Mr. Bushnell opened Bluff Park TaeKwonDo in 1982 teaching the Cha Yon Ryu style. This program included the study of TaeKwonDo and Hapkido.

Mr. Bushnell began his Japanese Karate, Aikido, Judo and Iaido training in the 80s under the direction of Master Roger A. Jarrett. He received his 8th Degree Black Belt from Master Jarrett's Chong Shin Kwan TaeKwonDo/Karate Organization in 2014.

In 1993, Mr. Bushnell was granted instructor certification and licensed to teach Aikido in the state of Alabama by Master Jarrett and Shihan Fumio Toyoda (deceased), Aikido Association of America.  After Shihan Toyoda’s death in 2001, Mr. Bushnell was granted teaching certification from Hanshi Kevin Blok, Chudokai Aikido Federation International. He is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Aikido.

Mr. Bushnell also holds 5th Degree Black Belts in Judo/Jujitsu and Iaido.

Mr. Bushnell is the Southeast Regional Director of USA Martial Arts.  He and his wife, Pam, have been married over 30 years and are blessed to have their 2 children and 4 grandchildren living nearby.

Those interested in becoming a part of the USA Martial Arts Federation Southeast Region may contact Mr. Bushnell via e-mail:


USA Martial Arts
Southeast Regional Headquarters

Hoover, Alabama 35226

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