Our program develops children for success.

1. Our reward system improves children's self-esteem.
2. Our class structure teaches children's discipline.
3. Our activities channel children's aggression.
4. Our confidence classes enhance children's assertiveness.
5. Our program teaches children lifetime self-defense skills.

USA Martial Arts Chong Shin Kwan classes are not just for teaching children how to kick, punch and defend themselves. Our martial arts training develops a more disciplined, more well adjusted child with a better desire to learn and succeed. We apply the three principles of Effort, Cooperation and Communication.

Our children's programs are:




Little Dragons - Children Ages 4 to 6 

Challenging - Exciting - Fun    

The USA Martial Arts Little Dragons' program is especially designed for ages 4-6. These little ones learn to participate in a group activity while parents observe and provide the comfort and security children of this age need.

Our program teaches concentration, coordination and self-discipline in a format that makes learning fun. Parents love the USA Martial Arts Little Dragon Pledge, weekly progress report and award systems. Our program reinforces the behaviors parents want to see in their children.

Courtesy - Integrity - Self Control

As Little Dragons, children will:


Improve coordination, helping all other activities


Improve concentration to aid in their progress at school


Improve self-esteem giving them the power to make to proper choices

Little Dragons are taught very basic martial art techniques prior to being introduced into a regular children's program. As their maturity and skill levels increase, parents and their instructor determine the proper time to advance them. When that time comes, they are ready to excel in their Martial Arts studies!


Junior Karate/TaeKwonDo - Ages 7 & Up

At USA Martial Arts our programs are second to none. We realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are additional benefits in studying martial arts. We teach our students using a basic philosophy of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

By embedding these principles in our children's classes, the USA Martial Arts team has made a strong commitment to today's youngsters. Our carefully designed programs for children will improve your child's performance in other sports as well as improve their study habits, increase overall concentration and develop healthy "life skills" for their bright and adventurous futures of excellence.

Aiki-Judo - Ages 7 & Up

Aiki-Judo teaches fundamentals of Aikido & Judo/Jujitsu in a fun action-packed class that emphasizes good manners and proper behavior.

Comments From Parents......

"Our team's most alert t-ball players are USA Martial Arts Little Dragons."

"Now that Melissa is a Little Dragon, she cooperates much better at home!"

"I am well pleased with the school.. My family and I appreciate the patience the staff shows our child. When I see some of the older students, who help teach the Little Dragons, and how well mannered and professional they are, I imagine Tommy continuing with USA Martial Arts and being like them."

".... welook forward to a long association."

"My children have gained self-confidence... and discipline."

"Mrs. Sally Diggins' sons, Zachary and Patrick are in the program, and "I can't say enough good about it," she says.

"My children have really gained self-confidence, and the discipline they learn is wonderful. When they're in class, they're taught to say 'yes ma'am' and 'yes sir'. Now they've started doing that at home. Such manners become ingrained in them, a part of who they are."

"I like most the individual attention Mandy and Art receive... and the positive feedback," says Mrs. Linda Charles. "Both of my children have done wonderfully, and they seem much more self confident. I tell everybody about what a great program this is. I would like to get into it myself."


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