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What is Chong Shin Kwan?

Chong Shin Kwan (true spirit school) is a martial arts system that has its roots in both the Korean martial art of TaeKwonDo and the Japanese martial art of KarateDo. The system was founded in 1979 by Master Roger A. Jarrett who holds equal ranks in both the arts.

The system's Korean influence comes from both major styles of TaeKwonDo, the International TaeKwonDo Federation (ITF) and the World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF). The most obvious evidence of this Korean influence is in the students' strong acrobatic kicking techniques. Chong Shin Kwan students learn Poomse/Hyung* from both the ITF and WTF, giving them a broad knowledge base and the ability to relate to students affiliated with either TaeKwonDo federation.

The organization's Japanese influence comes predominantly from the Japanese style of KarateDo, known as the Japan Karate-do Ryobu-kai. This Japanese influence can be seen in the strong use of hand techniques. One might also notice the Japanese and Okinawan katas* performed by Chong Shin Kwan students.

As students work their way through the ranks, they learn one-step sparring, foot sparring combinations, board breaking techniques, realistic self-defense techniques, martial arts history, and both Korean and Japanese terminology. This knowledge blend gives Chong Shin Kwan students the ability to train anywhere and feel comfortable.

Chong Shin Kwan students are challenged by the basic TaeKwonDo and KarateDo fundamentals as well as those of Aikido, Judo, and Kobudo. While learning self-defense techniques, students are introduced to Aikido though the use of joint locks, throws and pins. Students gain a fundamental knowledge of Judo (the sport and self-defense art of Japan) that teaches ground fighting and grappling techniques. Kobudo, another martial art incorporated into the program, gives the students rare opportunities to work with the historical weapons of Okinawa and Japan.

* Poomse/Hyung (Korean) or Kata (Japanese): Patterns of exercise that incorporate fighting techniques and are the foundation of most martial arts systems.

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